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Freelancer context

ZEIT.IO is multi-client capable and also has different contexts for different user groups. The freelance context is a special context intended for freelancers and self-employed people. If you register with ZEIT.IO as an individual, we assume that you are a freelancer, or are self-employed and you will automatically be entered into the freelance context.

If you are invited by an organization, as a permanent employee or approver, then by default you have a different context. In that case please look at the documentation for that Employee context, or Approver context.

In the freelance context, you can organize your entire business as a freelancer or self-employed person administer. Specifically, you can:

  • create and manage customers
  • create and manage projects
  • record project times
  • record expenses
  • create and send invoices
  • accept contract offers from ZEIT.IO organizations
  • request approval for recorded times and expenses


Collaboration features are not included in this context. If you have employees yourself or manage freelancers yourself and want to work on projects together with other people, then you must register as a company and create the company as an organization. As a freelancer, you can create a ZEIT.IO organization, at any time. Take a look at the documentation for the organizational context.

If you have been invited to ZEIT.IO by an organization, then please take a look at the documentation for onboarding.